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Take a Fun Trip Down the Platte River with Bryson’s Airboat Tours this Summer

Bryson has always been adventurous. And now, every day he goes to work it’s considered an adventure.

What started as a friendly favor has transformed Bryson’s Airboat Tours into a booming business. In 2004, Bryson took a cancer patient and her friend for a ride on the Platte River on his personal airboat. Those passengers told their friends, families and doctors, and soon his phones were ringing with requests for rides. It seemed the airboat rides lifted spirits and provided a serene experience for those who needed it most. And that is where the idea of creating a career out of a hobby began.

Years later, the business has transformed into a popular, local getaway. Bryson’s Airboat Tours not only takes people on adventurous rides up and down the Platte River but also caters to individual and group needs. If adventure is wanted, adventure will be delivered; however, if riders are more interested in seeing the scenery at a slower pace, a peaceful and relaxing ride will take place. Bryson’s Airboat Tours even has lunch and dinner tours for those looking to take romance to a new level. And for those lucky riders who are at the right place at the right time, wildlife such as bald eagles, deer, river otters, turkeys and beavers may be seen, sometimes just a few feet from the airboat.


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